Dear Friends,

Through the Easter season we heard the stories recounting the resurrection and ascension of Jesus, and we read about how the apostles, disciples, and followers of Jesus adjusted to the idea of Scripture fulfilled.

Discernment is no easy task. When each of the disciples was called by Jesus to follow him, we remember that most of them dropped what they were doing with hardly a second thought. But when the disciples needed to fill the spot vacated by Judas, it becomes clear that discernment is not an easy process. Jesus had not called the next apostle; it is up to the community to act, using the model he left them.

Why isn’t it easy then to recognize a call, or to affirm a call, or to act on a call? There are the lucky few who always seem to know, with great confidence, what they are called to do. For most of us it’s not so obvious, but with any luck – or grace – we listen and act.

At Easter the comfortable security of what had become familiar as the disciples have been with Jesus during the years of his ministry in Galilee suddenly changed. It was alarming. It was challenging. But, everything had to change to allow the new light of Christ to be seen, it took a while to understand this new way of perceiving the presence of Jesus in the life of the community.

As Estelle White said in her popular hymn:

“Don’t get too set in your ways,”
The Lord said.
“Each step is only a phase,”
The Lord said.
“I’ll go before you and I shall be a sign
To Guide my travelling, wandering race;
You’re the people of God.”

Through the season of Pentecost let’s be open to the work of the Spirit in our lives and in the life of our Church.

Yours in Christ

David G Vale.